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Check UAN Status

Are you looking for how to check your UAN status online? Here we will explain all the details of UAN member portal. Today EPF UAN is the most important portal for the every government employer. There are various benefits of UAN Portal.

Universal Account number comes in extremely convenient when you need to check your EPF balance status on the web. There are numerous approach to check them and one of them incorporates UAN number. In the event that, on the off chance that you have officially connected for the same, then you can check UAN status from the given sites in this instructional exercise.

UAN Status

EPF UAN Status

On the off chance that you are sitting tight for your EPF UAN number

, this is a correct place for you. We have effectively shared extremely helpful posts for all representatives and businesses who are EPFO member. This article is especially to check your UAN status. Representatives will likewise motivate rules to actuate their UAN number on the web. Check UAN activation status and begin appreciating a large group of online offices at EPFO portal. The Universal Account number is issued to each EPFO member.

In the event that you don’t have a clue about your UAN number, you ought to acquire it from your employers. They give a one of a kind character to all employees who are adding to the provident assets. The number is legitimate for lifetime and gives you loads of offices. Initiate the UAN online to appreciate online offices of EPFO. You can track PF status and EPF balance by SMS if your all inclusive record number is initiated.

Would you like to check your UAN Status? Is it true that you are hoping to actuate your UAN? We will manage all workers to check the status of UAN enlistment. All Universal Account Number is an unmistakable 12 digit number dispensed to EPFO member portal. It is a novel personality for all individuals who are right now adding to EPFO. It is a character for the individual for lifetime.

The number is apportioned to all workers with legitimacy for lifetime. The businesses present the required points of interest and archives at the EPFO employer portal. Contingent upon accommodation, the UAN number is allocated for all employee. On the off chance that you are not getting your UAN number from your employer, you can check the UAN status without anyone else. We have demonstrated to you here best practices to check your UAN status online at EPFO site.

What is UAN?

Provident fund balance is a most important for all working individuals who are adding to EPFO. The provident reserve sum contains commitments from the business, representative, and the legislature. A large number of employees are individuals from EPFO. Thus, any data relating to the UAN is exceptionally huge. This article is composed to demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to check your UAN status on the web. In the event that you have not yet gotten this number, check the status. In the event that you have gotten, check how to enact to appreciate huge amounts of advantages.

The UAN number is a special number for every representative and does not change with the change of occupation. The number stays same for various PF account numbers. Employees can likewise seed the UAN with PAN, aadhar, and bank account balances.

UAN fills in as a compact personality for EPFO represent lifetime. It can likewise be seeded with financial balances, PAN number and Aadhar card number. It is extremely helpful for representatives. The number stays same notwithstanding when individuals are changing employments as often as possible. Crores of UANs are as of now enacted on the web. On the off chance that you need to enact your UAN number, simply gather your UAN number from your manager.

In any case you can likewise know your UAN status web based utilizing your PF number. In the event that your UAN number is not yet produced, utilize this data to track the status. With this office, individuals can produce and know their UAN status number online without reaching manager.

Online UAN Status Check

The online UAN status can be checked at the UAN member portal. Before you check it, keep prepared your 22 digit EPF part ID with you. Here is the way you can check your Universal Account Number status.

  1. Here is the connection for EPFO portal, ‘Know your UAN Status‘ page:

  1. Select your state and EPFO office or area starting from the drop menu list.UAN EPF Passbook
  2. As soon as you select EPFO state and area, the initial two boxes of PF account number will consequently get filled in.
  3. Now you need to enter the Establishment code, expansion code and your PF account number. On the off chance that it doesn’t have augmentation code, simply abandon it clear.
  4. Use this connection to seek the Establishment Code:
  5. Click on ‘Check Status’ catch. You will get a message whether the Universal Account Number is allocated or not.
  6. This may likewise demonstrate a message like “Your Universal Account Number” is dispensed for Member ID <your part id no. will be here>. If you don’t mind give taking after points of interest to confirmation. The UAN points of interest will be on your versatile through SMS”

On the off chance that you get a message this way, it is affirmed that your UAN is been apportioned for your EPF Member ID. You can instantly give the subtle elements required ideal on that page to get your number. To know your UAN status you would need to give a few subtle elements.

Give points of interest in all the compulsory fields like beneath:

  • Member name
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Password
  • Confirm secret word
  • Enter the captcha code

In the wake of filling in above subtle elements tap on ‘GET PIN’ tab. You will get PIN number on your versatile. Enter it in the PIN field.

This will present your demand for UAN and it will be produced in next 7 days. When it is created, you will get by SMS.

UAN Activation Status

On the off chance that you as of now have your UAN number, initiate it at the EPFO site. It will be valuable to you amid different PF methods. You will likewise appreciate numerous online offices with UAN activation. Thus, we prescribe you to initiate UAN after UAN status check.

Check the case to demonstrate that you have comprehended the directions. Tap the catch for ‘Initiate your UAN’. Give all data in every one of the fields and get PIN on your versatile. Enter the PIN in the field given at the base. Tap the “submit” catch. Your UAN activation status technique is finished at this point.


Employees who are recently joining the EPFO plan ought to know about the advantages of the UAN number. In the event that your employer has not gotten your UAN, check UAN status online as appeared previously. UAN is among the activities by EPFO to lessen the reliance of representatives on his/her manager.

The online EPF offices gives more flexibility to employees to screen their PF account. You can recognize what the balance in your PF record is. With UAN activation, you can list all your PF records to a solitary UAN. This will diminish your bother of checking various PF accounts independently. Just a solitary UAN can be issued on the premise of per part. It is legitimate for lifetime and stays same regardless of the change of working environment. Remain with us for methodology of PF withdrawal and EPF balance status. Don’t hesitate to fill us in regarding whether you can’t get your UAN status or Universal account number utilizing the above technique.

Most Effective Method to Activate EPF Universal Account Number

Check the below website link and check UAN status.

After open the above link, you will make your login id to check EPFO balance utilizing UAN number. Online UAN activation will empower you to profit numerous online offices at EPFO login. To activation your UAN, you will submit practically same subtle elements given above. You will Get PIN number which you need to enter to initiate your Universal Account Number. When it is activate, it can likewise prove to be useful while knowing your EPF balance status.

UAN means Universal Account Number. There are lots of benefits of this portal. UAN portal provided many services like EPFO online payment, EPF balance, Check EPF claim status, know how to pay EPF online payment, download UAN EPF passbook. Here there are easy ways to check status of UAN activation.

The Universal Account Number plan is to limit reliance on employers. Individuals can get different data identified with their EPFO account without moving toward managers. On the off chance that you are holding numerous PF account numbers, don’t attempt to produce different UAN numbers.

The EPFO UAN portal does not permit to produce numerous UAN numbers. In the event that you have not yet gotten your UAN, you can check UAN status utilizing given method. You can likewise create your Universal Account Number while you are not presently working. You can utilize your past EPF account number and download UAN EPF passbook. Regardless of the possibility that you have pulled back your EPF sum, you can in any case produce your UAN and check UAN status. Impart our site to your partners for valuable data on Provident Fund.

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